What Is Cosmetic Orthodontics?

Many of our patients receive orthodontic care because they have minor or major health concerns that must be addressed. Getting orthodontic care can help with migraines, headaches, neck pain, and TMJ discomfort caused by a misaligned bite. Improper teeth alignment, known as malocclusion, can make it challenging to clean the teeth adequately. An accumulation of bacteria and plaque in the mouth can cause bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, and more. Straightening the teeth helps oral hygiene become less of a chore.

If you are unhappy with your smile but don’t have any of the above or other related health concerns, don’t worry. You don’t have to settle with your smile; you might be a candidate for cosmetic orthodontics at Griffin & Errera Orthodontics!

What is Cosmetic Orthodontics?

Cosmetic orthodontics is when we provide orthodontic treatment to a patient who desires better teeth and jaw alignment but has no related health concerns.

Why Do People Get Cosmetic Orthodontic Care?

Your smile has the potential to negatively impact your quality of life in ways that don’t directly affect your physical health. For example, did you know crooked teeth can decrease your chances of getting a job, having second dates, and even making friends? This isolation can lead to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and other mental health problems. People pursuing cosmetic orthodontics usually try to upgrade their quality of life by improving their self-esteem and how people perceive them.

What Are Cosmetic Treatment Options?

Patients seeking cosmetic care usually desire their treatment options to be aesthetic or stylish. They typically also lean towards orthodontic appliances that are minimally disruptive to their lifestyles or routines. At Griffin & Errera, we have two cosmetic treatment options. Let’s check them out!


For patients with mild orthodontic issues, Invisalign clear aligners are a perfect treatment option! Clear aligners are removable trays that are practically Invisa-ble when worn!

They are custom-made for every patient, and their personalization makes them very comfortable. The removability of the trays allows patients to eat whatever they want and perform the same oral hygiene routine they did before they began treatment. There’s no need to adjust your diet or regimen when no brackets or wires are in the way!

This treatment option is perfect for patients who know they can wear the trays for twenty-two hours a day and prefer that people don’t notice they’re undergoing treatment. Patients of all ages can wear these, including children!

Clear Braces

However, there are some orthodontic concerns that clear aligners cannot fix. Some problems need a more heavy-duty appliance that gives Dr. Griffin and Dr. Errera more control over teeth movement. For those patients, we suggest clear braces!

These braces are made with a tooth-colored polycrystalline. When paired with matching ligatures (the elastics that hold the wire to the brackets), these braces give the illusion of being transparent. Despite their nickname of ceramic braces, these braces are not as fragile as they sound. Even still, they are not as heavy-duty as their metal counterpart and will likely need more time to make the same corrections.

Clear braces are an excellent treatment choice for adults and older teenagers who don’t want the responsibility of remembering to wear their orthodontic appliance or don’t qualify for clear aligners. We have two options for clear braces, LightForce 3D-printed and 3M Clarity braces.


Each 3D-printed bracket in your set is custom-made for your teeth, allowing Dr. Griffin or Dr. Errera to place them exactly where they need to be for precise, accurate movement, minimal divergence, and comfortable treatment.

3M Clarity

These brackets have rounded shapes that reduce irritation caused by friction against the cheek, lips, and tongue.

Warrenton Orthodontist

Griffin & Errera Has Everything You Need for Your Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment!

Cosmetically changing your smile does not have to include invasive surgery, and you don’t have to wait for the cosmetic problems to turn into health concerns! You can seek treatment now!

Your smile affects many parts of your life, and at Griffin & Errera Orthodontics, we want to help you fix your teeth and jaw alignment and enhance your quality of life.

Come see us at Griffin & Errera Orthodontics to learn more about us and our treatment options. We also offer free consultations so you can find out if you are a candidate for cosmetic care or treatment options with zero commitment to undergo treatment!

Call or text us to speak with one of our welcoming and knowledgeable team members. They will happily answer any questions you have before your initial appointment with our orthodontists.

We are so excited to meet you and transform your life through your smile; we hope to see you soon at Griffin & Errera Orthodontics!