5 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

A straightened smile is beautiful, but its health benefits go beyond aesthetics. At Griffin & Errera Orthodontics, our team dedicates itself to educating our patients on how to best care for their teeth and the importance of doing so. Read on to learn the five health benefits of straight teeth and how you can achieve them through treatment options at our office!


1. Smoother Digestion Process

Chew Bite-Sized Pieces

You may find chewing hard or crunchy foods uncomfortable if your teeth are misaligned. When this is the case, some may try to chew as little as possible before swallowing their food. Your digestive system and intestine are forced to work twice as hard when the pieces you consume are not bite-sized, thus resulting in uncomfortable side effects like heartburn and stomach aches.

Those with straightened teeth altogether avoid this complication as they can chew and digest without issue, helping them take in the maximum amount of nutrients and stay energized afterward!

Expand Your Favorite Foods!

Straight teeth encourage you to expand your food selection and try new items you may have previously avoided. When chewing is an effortless experience, you will feel more inclined to choose different things from the grocery store shelf. You may even discover your new favorite food!


2. Feel More Confident in Your Smile

We love seeing patients’ confidence boost firsthand when we remove their appliances. Your time and hard work pay off during the year you spend realigning your teeth. Your grin has the power to positively affect your success in both your personal and professional relationships. It helps you come off as a more trusting and engaged person. 

If you are apprehensive about how braces and other appliances appear, Griffin & Errera Orthodontics provides discreet options for those who don’t want to hide their smile while getting treatment.


3. Comfortable Sleep and Breathing

When you cannot close your mouth fully while you sleep, your body is forced to breathe through your mouth throughout the night. This can affect your chances of snoring, how well-rested you feel in the morning, and potential infections. Constant airflow through your mouth can cause sore throats and a dry mouth, creating an ideal environment for bacteria growth and morning breath.

After fixing your bite, your mouth will be able to stay closed, allowing you to breathe through your nose, which is considered a healthier alternative. This way, air is filtered through the hairs inside your nose, purifying it and filtering out allergens. Straightening your teeth can, therefore, help you feel better in the morning!


5 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

4. Straightforward Oral Health

Brushing and flossing your teeth comes easy with a perfectly aligned smile. Dr. Griffin and Dr. Errera can help you eliminate any hard-to-reach areas of your mouth that make thoroughly cleaning your teeth difficult. This, in turn, decreases your chances of food burrowing itself between your teeth and gums and protects them from bacteria, tooth decay, and excessive plaque buildup.

By practicing proper teeth cleaning procedures, you hold the power to preserve the strength and functionality of your original teeth and impact their long-term health. Brushing your teeth twice a day works wonders. If you are unsure of the most effective way to brush and floss, don’t hesitate to ask our team or Dr. Griffin and Dr. Errera at your next appointment so we can help set you up for success.

Protection from Chips and Cracks

In addition, pursuing treatment will help distribute proper pressure across your teeth and prevent chips and cracks from simple everyday actions such as chewing. Those with bite issues put unnecessary pressure on their teeth due to uneven placement, which can damage them. Instead, they will be better equipped to handle meals and provide long-term protection. 


5. Avoid TMJ and TMJ Complications

If you have ever noticed your jaw cracking as you open and close your mouth, you may suffer from TMD or temporomandibular disorder. Your jaw joint, commonly referred to as TMJ, is connected to your skull. Unnecessary pressure can be placed on it when you have crooked teeth. 

You may notice side effects such as jaw pain, teeth grinding, and dislocation from simple gestures. TMD is, however, a treatable disease. One solution is to straighten your teeth. When properly aligned, you can avoid these discomforts and preserve the longevity of your original teeth, preventing complicated procedures later.


How Griffin & Errera Can Help You Achieve Straight Teeth

At Griffin & Errera Orthodontics, there are many treatment options for teeth realignment. Our team will work to find the best plan for you, effectively reposition your teeth, and reach your smile goals!

LightForce Braces

A new alternative to traditional options, LightForce braces are a customized 3-D printed appliance designed just for you. They work to move your teeth in the right direction with fewer adjustments and appointments. The brackets are made of a clear, translucent material, providing an aesthetic option for patients seeking subtle treatment.


Made of clear plastic trays, Invisalign is another customized appliance known for its timely treatment and discreet appearance; no one can tell you are getting work done! Invisalign is made up of a series of trays for your teeth to shift into until they reach ideal alignment. This removable appliance also means you won’t have to worry about food restrictions.

Clear Braces

Clear ceramic braces are less noticeable than metal braces but are just as effective and provide the aesthetics many enjoy to keep them nearly invisible. Smaller than ever, they allow the flexibility of shorter treatment time and maximum comfort.

Metal Braces

A traditional option known for fixing even the most complicated alignment issues, modern metal braces use state-of-the-art technology to shift teeth with the help of brackets, wires, and elastics. Thanks to advancements in digital mapping, they are smaller than ever and fit comfortably inside your mouth.


5 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

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